What we do


Music changes how people think, lifts their mood and influences their behaviour. Music Concierge specialises in using sound to create unique atmospheres and distinct brand identities, for clients all over the world.

For over 10 years, we’ve been working with some of the most respected global names in hospitality, retail and more, crafting memorable signature sounds that surprise, delight and engage their audiences – and which are rooted in the personality of the brand and the aesthetics of the space.

The right music, effectively delivered, is more than just background sound; it can have direct bottom-line impact too, encouraging sales, increasing repeat custom, leading people to linger longer and relax more. Music Concierge understands this – every playlist we create is designed to match the target audience’s mindset and the changing rhythms of the space throughout the day.

Our ever-expanding library contains thousands of tracks and, with several seasoned DJs on board, we’ve built strong relationships with leading musicians and record labels. Often, we can secure unreleased tracks or tap into new trends before they hit the mainstream.

We also know that only those who truly understand a brand and its market can effectively represent it; that’s why we make sure that whenever possible we spend time on site, learning about the brand, the audience, the space and – importantly – the cultural context (we’ve been known to spend hours rummaging around local record stores in search of the perfect track).

The result is inspiring soundtracks that carry a sense of belonging to the brand and the place, that enhance an environment by reaching beyond the obvious and into the unexpected. Backed by a bespoke and accessible technical delivery system with global reach, our music helps brands inspire their audience and leave a lasting impression. It makes a difference.

Global Reach

At Music Concierge, we create distinct audio identities for brands and businesses all over the globe. To achieve that, we maintain on-the-ground expertise in all the regions we operate.

That’s why we’ve built up a dynamic network of music consultants, senior account managers and delivery specialists in key locations around the world.

To create authentic, brand-bespoke signature sounds, Music Concierge spends time on site whenever possible

understanding the brand, getting to know the setting and observing the rhythms of the constituent spaces.

And, because we’re never too far away from anywhere, we can provide 24-hour operational support whenever we’re needed.

Our regional offices enable us to ensure that we’re tapped into the local music scene wherever we are (which means everything from rummaging in record stores to conducting in-depth ethnomusicological research). This guarantees that the music we provide is tailored to the local market, sensitive to cultural sensibilities, and resonating a genuine sense of place.

Without music, life would be a mistake
Friedrich Nietzsche
Where words fail, music speaks.
Hans Christian Anderson
I see music as fluid architecture
Joni Mitchell
One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain
Bob Marley