Music Concierge doesn’t just use music to create compelling atmospheres on site; we can also extend a brand’s signature sound to every appropriate customer touch point, developing a comprehensive music strategy that brings consistency and emotional resonance to every facet of the brand experience.

That might include the creation of bespoke compilation albums that capture the essence of an establishment with an inspired music selection – spreading brand awareness as promotional items or retail products; the supply of original hold music for phone systems; the development of soundtracks for video content; or the creation of bespoke playlists for special events.

Our team can consult on live-music programmes for hotels, bars and clubs – helping to guide them to ensure the line-ups are on-brand and tap into the tastes of their audience. And, should you need music-related editorial for use in your online/print marketing or social media, we have journalists on the team who can deliver sparkling, imaginative and brand-attuned copy at the drop of a beat. Just ask.