Music has a tremendous influence on our emotional state; the right sound can lead to deeper levels of relaxation and soothe us physically and mentally.

Spa music needs to be seamless, considered and free from cliché: a scratchy panpipe CD isn’t going to cut it. With customers in a serene, semi-conscious state, any incongruous tracks or jarring juxtapositions threaten to bring them back to the stresses of the surface -

we make sure the guest’s journey into relaxation remains fluid and uninterrupted.

Music Concierge works with leading spas around the world to develop signature sounds that reflect their design and concept, and which are tailored to suit different zones and treatment types. With extensive experience in crafting imaginative and original spa playlists, Music Concierge can craft an atmosphere that inspires serenity from the point of entering to the moment your guests return to the world.

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